Achieve3000’s research-proven literacy solutions are designed to prepare your child for success in college and career. With every lesson that your child completes in school, he is building important literacy skills that will help him achieve in the classroom and beyond.

Now in partnership with your child's school, we're looking to prepare your child for even greater college and career success with our free Home Edition for parents. Using the Home Edition, you can get involved in your child's literacy growth and use our powerful tools to accelerate gains.

Start today by retrieving your login information, learning more about how our Home Edition works, signing up for free webinars, and taking advantage of a wealth of resources, exclusively for parents of Achieve3000 students.



Account Not Set Up? Here’s How to Get Started

It’s easy to set up your account, and completely free. You’ll just need your child’s login information and a security code from your child’s teacher or our support team.

  1. Go to on your internet browser
  2. Enter your child’s username and password
  3. Click the arrow to the right of his/her name on top of the screen.
  4. Click Create Parent Login
  5. Enter the security code that you received from your child’s teacher or our support team. (Don’t have one? Get one now.)
  6. The system will display your Home Edition username and password. Record it somewhere safe as you’ll need it to access the Home Edition each time.
  7. Login and start building family-wide literacy!


Connect with Experts via Free Webinars

Our team of experts have developed webinars that focus on how you, as a parent,
can prepare your child to succeed in the classroom and beyond through building
important literacy skills.

Watch a Recorded Webinar

> How Can I Measure and Improve My Child's Reading Level?

In this parent workshop, you will learn about Lexiles and how they are
used to determine your child's reading performance. A walkthrough of the
Achieve3000 Home Edition will be provided demonstrating the tools and
resources that you can use at home to improve your child’s literacy skills.

Watch it here.

Register for an Open Webinar

> How Can I Prepare My Child for the New Common Core Literacy Standards?

In this parent workshop, you will explore the new Common Core literacy
standards and how they provide clear expectations of what your child
needs to master before graduation. The session will specifically focus on the
importance of reading non-fiction text on grade level, and how parents can
make literacy a priority with creative ideas and activities around the house.

March-April 2014

Dates for this webinar will be available in March.

> Is My Child Ready for College & Career in the 21st Century?

In this parent workshop, you will learn how to help your child succeed in
the 21st century by understanding the new definition of College and Career
Readiness. The session will demonstrate the Achieve3000 Career Center
and will include innovative ideas on how parents can ensure readiness
in school and beyond.

April-May 2014

Dates for this webinar will be available in April.

Learn More

Watch this short video to learn more about the Home Edition and how it can accelerate your child’s progress.


You can also visit our Parent Learning Center to learn more about our Home Edition.


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MetaMetrics’ Find-A-Book tool allows you to search for a book that meets your child’s Lexile level.
Barnes and Noble’s Lexile Reading Wizard lets you find hundreds of books that match your child’s Lexile abilities.

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