June 26, 2017

Achieve3000 Introduces Major Platform Expansion for Back to School 2017-2018 at ISTE

Millions invested in new solutions, scaffolds and features to make this release the most valuable ever for students, teachers, and school and district leaders

SAN ANTONIO, June 26, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — At the 2017 ISTE Conference & Expo in San Antonio, Texas, Achieve3000®, the leading literacy platform in blended learning programs for students in grades Pre-K through 12 and adult learners, will launch the company’s new and expanded 2017-2018 platform.

“Our 2017-2018 release is our most major release ever as we unveil our new and expanded platform for the school year,” said Chief Executive Officer Saki Dodelson. “I founded Achieve3000 16 years ago with the goal of ensuring that ALL students have equity of access to instruction and a path to achieve their dreams. With this release, we give schools and districts the ability to use one platform to reach every kid, of every ability, using our proven method of reaching kids at their precise Lexile® level. Using this platform, school and district leadership, teachers, parents and community can join together to help impact student achievement.”

Achieve3000 continues to offer the only literacy platform in English and Spanish that provides differentiated instruction with embedded assessments to automatically deliver grade-appropriate content at students’ individual reading levels, with editions that are customized for state, district or country curricula and assessments. The Achieve3000 platform is powered by built-in blended learning, actionable data and proven efficacy, ensuring equity of access to core instruction while accelerating student learning, improving performance on high-stakes assessments and preparing all students for college and career success.

Key highlights of the new Back to School 2017-2018 platform include:

  • Brand-New Middle and High School Solutions. TeenBiz3000® and Empower3000® have been rated “Strong” for effectiveness by Evidence for ESSA, and the enhancements are taking the solutions to a new level. Both solutions are powered by an exciting new student experience, including comment feeds like those used on social media sites and expanded high-interest lessons and science and social studies content developed with middle and high school students and teachers. TeenBiz3000 and Empower3000, as well as KidBiz3000® for elementary school, deliver Achieve3000’s new and original Read-Discuss-Read model developed with Dr. Douglas Fisher based on research and classroom implementation of Achieve3000.
  • Foundational Literacy for PreK-Grade 2. Smarty Ants® is a research-driven solution that differentiates instruction for students in grades PreK-2 in foundational reading skills and accelerates student achievement in a motivating, interactive online learning environment. Product enhancements include new learning games, HTML5 delivery for anytime, anywhere, any-device access and progress monitoring that alerts teachers to transition students from Smarty Ants to KidBiz3000.
  • Spanish Foundational Literacy. Achieve3000 is launching Smarty Ants Español, a groundbreaking program designed to help Spanish-speaking students learn how to read in Spanish and make the transition to English language acquisition.
  • Intervention and English Language Learners. The Achieve3000 platform provides unmatched flexibility to meet the needs of all students, especially those requiring Tier II and III intervention and support for English language learning. Smarty Wiz is the new foundational literacy solution that combines the power of personalized differentiated instruction with an interactive, game-based online learning environment designed to engage older learners to dramatically accelerate student achievement. Achieve3000’s Boost and Access solutions are updated with a new Skills Report to monitor development and drive implementation, as well as expanded student scaffolds, such as sentence and paragraph frames to support independent work.
  • Career Connections. The exclusive Achieve3000 Career Center connects students’ Lexile growth to career choices, interests, salaries and Workforce Readiness courses. Students will have access to information on today’s top job trends by region, provided by a new partnership with Burning Glass®. Workforce readiness videos and authentic career videos featuring notable and inspiring professionals prepare students for all types of jobs. Coming in January 2018, a brand-new career portal will further expand these connections with student-driven tools for career planning and exclusive Lexile career forecasting.
  • Brand-new Professional Learning Services. Achieve3000 has partnered with Dr. Douglas Fisher to deliver next generation professional development with a customized “build your own day” model and a flexible, blended approach to creating high-impact success plans.
  • Maximizing Impact for Leaders. With Lesson Collections, district and school administrators can distribute their own custom courses to grades, teachers, classes or any combination of these. Educators will also have an array of new ways to demonstrate the positive impact of Achieve3000 in their districts with new reporting options, including custom infographics and real-time snapshots.
  • For more information about these updates for the upcoming school year, visit http://www.achieve3000.com/bts2017. Also visit http://ww2.achieve3000.com/ISTEconference2017 for information about our attendance at the ISTE Conference, where you can find Achieve3000 at Booth 1732 in the Expo Hall.

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