May 9, 2018

Achieve3000 and iCivics Announce a New Partnership to Bring Differentiated Civics Education to K-12

Achieve3000 will integrate iCivics resources into its literacy platform and differentiate them by reading level

Lakewood, NJ, May 9, 2018 – Achieve3000, the leader in differentiated instruction, and iCivics, the leader in civics education, are partnering to offer middle and high school students government and civics readings designed specifically for their grade so that students can learn the fundamentals of American democracy at their own individual reading levels.

Through the partnership, Achieve3000 will add 30 of iCivics’ best-in-class student readings to its award-winning platform. Achieve3000 will apply its patented method of online differentiated instruction to the content, making it easy for students to digest critical – but sometimes complicated – material so all students can read, discuss, and debate core U.S. civics and government topics.

The partnership will capitalize on the expertise of both Achieve3000 and iCivics.

Founded in 2009 by Justice Sandra Day O’Connor, iCivics is the country’s largest provider of civic educational material and has created 19 games and hundreds of lesson plans to teach K-12 students the fundamentals of American democracy. iCivics uses simulations to give students a first-person point of view of topics such as elections, the roles of the executive branch, and the courts. Its games and lesson plans, which are completely non-partisan, are used by nearly 180,000 teachers each year.

Achieve3000 will integrate these specially licensed iCivics student readings into its platform and instructional routine, with differentiation at 12 Lexile levels in English and 8 in Spanish. The lessons will be fully aligned to state standards so that social studies teachers will be able to bring civic education and literacy learning together for all students in grades 6-12.

“Achieve3000 has long partnered with schools for literacy success, ensuring that every student has the opportunity—through differentiated instruction—to graduate from high school with the skills needed for college and career,” said Stuart Udell, CEO of Achieve3000. “We’re excited to extend our focus on educational equity to civic education and are humbled to partner with iCivics to do so. This is a winning solution for teaching the principles of democracy in the broadest possible way.”

The civics content will be made available to teachers and students on Constitution Day, September 17, 2018.

“We’re excited about this partnership,” iCivics Executive Director Louise Dube’ said. “Expanding the reach of civic education is among the most important steps we can take in preserving our
democracy. And we believe that working with Achieve3000 will put iCivics lessons in front of thousands of students in a way that is more accessible for them than ever.”

About Achieve3000

Achieve3000 is the leading literacy platform in today’s blended learning programs, serving nearly 3 million students worldwide. The Achieve3000 platform provides differentiated content at 12 levels in English and 8 in Spanish with built-in supports tailored to each student so every child can participate in grade-level instruction using the same lesson, regardless of their current reading ability. Based on decades of scientific research, Achieve3000’s patented instruction for grades PreK-12 and adult education reaches all students at their individual reading levels to accelerate learning, improve performance on high-stakes assessments, and advance college and career readiness.

About iCivics

Founded in 2009, iCivics is a non-profit organization committed to transforming civic learning through effective and inventive resources. iCivics was founded by Justice Sandra Day O’Connor to develop free educational video games and lessons that teach young Americans to be knowledgeable, curious, and engaged in civic life. iCivics’ game-centered curriculum provides students in grades 4-12 with the tools they need for active participation and democratic action. Today iCivics’ innovative resources are used by nearly 180,000 educators and more than 5 million students nationwide, making iCivics the largest classroom-based digital civics educational resource in the country. For more information, visit

Media Contacts:

Achieve3000 Contact
Lydia Morris

iCivics Contact
Jacob Berkman, One Allen Communications


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