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Teachers believe and achieve with a highly effective, flexible approach to professional development.

Performance expectations are getting higher. Standards are getting more rigorous. Class populations are growing more diverse. Teachers have a tough job to do. They need the best possible tools, and they need extensive, easily accessible support.

Achieve3000® is committed to meeting all of these needs. Our solutions are easy to implement and manage in the classroom. Daily support is provided as part of the solution. And professional development is provided in a way that allows teachers to do what they do best: help students achieve.

Achieve3000 professional learning is delivered through an innovative, customizable, cross-curricular program that gives teachers the support to meet students' needs — and school and district goals. Just as importantly, it’s designed to "touch" educators often, equipping them with rich, ongoing support at all times.


On-site learning options include:
  • Interactive, small-group workshops across a broad range of topics
  • Classroom modeling where an Achieve product demonstrates instructional strategies with students
  • One-on-one and team coaching and consulting sessions tailored to your specific needs, including developing reading strategies for English language learners,creating teacher community learning groups, identifying school and teacher strengths and limitations, and more
Online learning options include:
  • Live virtual classrooms that provide an interactive, flexible training experience
  • Online modeling tutorials for lesson demonstrations and best practices
  • On-demand, self-paced tutorials
Teacher instruction tools include:
  • Daily content that reinforces reading comprehension best practices
  • Curriculum keys with concept outline, vocabulary word and lesson plan for each article
  • Teacher Resource Center and Teacher Hotline with summaries, key words, key concepts, lesson extensions, graphic organizers, ELL activities, fluency materials and more
  • Writing Center to make it easy offer practice in a variety writing genres
  • State standard alignments for each assignment

Achieve3000 has provided differentiated online instruction solutions for more than a decade. Now we're leading the way in professional development for teachers — because with the right tools and the right support comes increased success.

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