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Achieve Intervention

Achieve Intervention: turning struggle into success.

What do you do when some of your kids are reading three grades below level? Or seven grade below level? You do more. With the differentiated online literacy solution that gives your students and teacher more. Achieve Intervention.

Struggling students need to make double the progress. They and their teachers need the extensive additional support to succeed. That's what Achieve Intervention, our powerful Response to Intervention solution, gives them. Special scaffolds and a special, year-round curriculum. The Achieve 5-Step Literacy Routine specialized for their needs. Extra supports for teachers so they can be especially effective in targeting instruction. Above all, the teaching and learning intensity that makes intervention work.

Achieve Intervention takes differentiated instruction and RtI to a new level — the level at which you can make higher and higher literacy levels attainable and sustainable for this essential part of your student population.

Setting the level for success.

Achieve Intervention uses the LevelSet online Lexile assessment tool as the universal screener to quantify students' reading levels. Students are tiered for appropriate intervention and students at risk for poor test performance are identified, so that instruction can be tailored accordingly. Once levels are set, assessment of reading skills is ongoing — with monthly reports issued on adjustments to Lexile levels and on the effectiveness of instruction.

A special curriculum that's "Just for Me".

Achieve Intervention also includes the Just for Me full-year curriculum with highly differentiated content specially designed for RtI. Each Just for Me unit includes a meta-cognitive strategy focus, four lessons with corresponding lesson plans, identified vocabulary words often introduced through a song and video, and unit-level projects. Lessons also include instructional tools for teachers to use when developing meta-cognitive strategy; additional exposure to level-specific vocabulary, which helps students build up their bank of Level II words; and recommendations for phonics instruction. For Tiers II and III, additional scaffolds and support also are provided:

  • Numbering the Achieve 5-Step Literacy Routine. By numbering the interface, we help guide students who have trouble following steps in a procedure
  • Thought question sentence starter. To help even the most reluctant writers get started drafting question responses, we include thought questions to prompt them in the right direction

  • Extra vocabulary and background building. Engaging, animated academic songs promote language development.

  • Vocabulary and concept preview. A summary of every article as well as the article's dictionary to engage students more readily and build comprehension

  • Extra instructional ideas. Special lesson plans are provided for supporting struggling readers and promoting language development

Moderate intensity, evidence-based instruction to address learning gaps.

For Tier II, Achieve Intervention enables interventions that can vary in duration and intensity. Direct instruction recommendations meet the needs of smaller groups of students. Scaffolds support student independence through the Achieve 5-Step Literacy Routine help organize ideas for writing and speaking:

  • Fluency skills are improved with readings at each student's level

  • Graphic organizers help develop reading strategies

  • Emphasis is on broadening Tier II vocabulary

  • Opportunities for whole-class discussion around a single topic are interwoven into the program

Intensive intervention for students who don't respond to Tier II intervention.

For Tier III, Achieve Intervention provides a full-year scope and sequence for development of reading strategies. Supports for foundational phonics skills are provided. Direct instruction with gradual release model for reading comprehension strategies is enabled. Multiple ways of acquiring new vocabulary are provided.

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