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Achieve Pedagogy and Lexile® Framework

Putting reading and writing at the core of achievement.

The ability to read and write in order to meet more rigorous standards is at the core not only of the Common Core initiative, it's at the core of teacher effectiveness, student achievement, and meeting the competitive challenges of a better-educated world.

Achieve3000® stands at the forefront of increasing student reading and writing performance by enabling all students, at all levels, to make significant Lexile/reading gains. Following are key aspects of how Achieve3000's differentiated online literacy solutions prepare students to thrive in the 21st century.

In keeping with Common Core, Achieve3000 gives students the content area literacy skills to be prepared for college and career.

Achieve3000 has pioneered and perfected an approach to differentiated literacy instruction that uses Lexiles as its foundation.

Achieve uses non-fiction text differentiated by students' Lexile/reading levels to build reading comprehension of informational text.

The Achieve pathway to reading improvement leads students to success, step by step and easily integrates with teachers' literacy instruction.

Meeting the Common Core requirement for grade-specific content addressing the progression of skills.

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National Lexile Study
National Lexile Study

Discover how Achieve solutions are proven to deliver double-to-triple Lexile gains.

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