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Students keep moving forward with the Achieve Summer solution.

AchieveSummer gives you a flexible solution specially tailored for the summer school setting. The AchieveSummer Extension program is ideal for keeping students on target and moving forward with their reading and writing during the summer months. The AchieveSummer Intervention program provides intensive instruction that struggling readers and special needs students require to make necessary progress.

Like KidBiz3000®, TeenBiz3000® and Empower3000™, AchieveSummer provides standards-aligned, differentiated online literacy instruction based on each student's Lexile®/reading level — and based on the way you need to apply the solution:

  • AchieveSummer Extension. Use this AchieveSummer solution to supplement a current summer school reading program or as a summer school standalone program

  • AchieveSummer Intervention. AchieveSummer Intervention is an intensive, six-week program targeting struggling and special needs students. Its emphasis is on reading comprehension strategies, acquiring grade-specific academic vocabulary, and writing using acquired vocabulary. The program utilizes the Achieve 5-Step Literacy Routine in twice-daily classes, one focused on a daily, topical non-fiction article, and the second on a theme-based article, with a different theme introduced every week. Teachers receive extensive program-embedded support, as well as standards-based reports on word mastery. Pre and post Lexile assessments enable progress measurement.

With Achieve Summer you can:
  • Meet the needs of all your learners — mainstream, advanced, special needs and struggling — with flexible programs designed for every summer application

  • Establish students' Lexile/reading and vocabulary levels using our LevelSet online assessment tool, provide differentiated content based on each student's level, and assess progress throughout the summer

  • Provide thematic content in addition to daily non-fiction articles. The "Summer Fun" thematic story revolves around high-interest weekly themes designed to engage students and draw them back for more

  • Focus on vocabulary instruction, teaching students extensive grade-appropriate words each day

  • Provide 24/7 access — students can use the powerful reading and writing tools anytime, anywhere with Internet-based access via laptops, iPads, and smartphones

  • Access powerful, easy-to-use reports with real-time diagnostic data for teachers and administrators

  • Implement the solution quickly and easily; Achieve specialists take care of all the set-up

  • Get parents, caretakers and guardians involved via parent/guardian subscriptions that provides access to daily conversation guides to help spark at-home discussion as well as easy-to-use reports that let them follow their child's progress

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