Achieve3000® solutions delivers the results you seek in any instructional environment

Achieve3000® literacy solutions are equally effective in a variety of instructional settings. Whether each student has his or her own computer or each class has one to share, our flexible implementation models work for a variety of class setups.

We believe that all students should have access to personalized literacy solutions that meet the needs of today's learners. Accordingly, Achieve3000 provides flexible implementation models, targeted training and robust instructional support for teachers that make it easy to launch and successfully utilize our solutions. And, because Achieve3000 programs are accessible from any Internet-enabled device, differentiated learning is easily and effectively extended beyond the traditional classroom: at home, in the library, or on the go.

Access Models

Regardless of how you connect to the Internet or even if your school has limited internet access, Achieve3000 helps schools with different levels of technology meet the needs of every student. Some of our more popular implementation models include:

  • Computer Lab. If you have a computer for every child for one or more days a week, you can easily meet our 40 activity goal. Labs can be in the form of mobile laptop carts, a separate classroom or media center
  • Center Rotation. More students than computers? Rotate a small group of students through a set of computers within the classroom or media center on a scheduled basis. In addition, several of the steps in the Five-Step Literacy Routine can be completed offline at one of the Centers
  • Single Computer with Projector. Need to work with your whole class? In a small group setting? Introduce concepts, raise essential questions and facilitate discussion by projecting an article or poll question to the whole group. Students can use one of our many graphic organizers available to teachers, to begin the lesson, and then either go to their Center or to the Computer Lab to re-read the article and complete the Five-Step Literacy Routine
  • Smartboard or Computer with Projector. Using Smartboards or other technology? Teachers can use the KidBiz3000®, TeenBiz3000® or Empower3000 article and/or related links to support the current curriculum (i.e., science and social studies). Present, interact, and engage students through dynamic content

Whether you're equipped with labs, carts, or tablets, Achieve3000 solutions can work in your classroom — elevating students and helping them Achieve more. Let Achieve3000 show you how we can be effective in making differentiated instruction accessible for every learner.

The improvements are phenomenal. Achieve3000® excites and engages kids, and teachers think it's wonderful.

Lupita Cavazos-Garcia
Assistant Superintendent
Tucson Unified School District