The art of differentiated science curriculum

eScience3000 is a breakthrough core science curriculum for grades 6 to 8, making science accessible to every learner in the same class-regardless of the teachers' subject matter expertise. It's time to create success for your students and teachers in ways you never thought possible!


Explore: Achieve3000, in partnership with National Geographic School Publishing, unveils the worlds of earth, life, and physical science through a scope-and-sequence based curriculum customized to your district's specific needs.

At the beginning of the year, students take an initial proprietary assessment that measures their reading comprehension of nonfiction text in Lexiles. Every student is then placed at the appropriate level of text precisely matched to their ability. Material is never too hard or too easy-the teacher can adjust the content level as the year progresses, keeping students motivated and excited about their progress.

Engage: STEM-related career videos; interactive lab projects; animated songs that emphasize academic vocabulary: they're all designed to capture the imagination of middle school students and get them excited about science. And there's even more to eScience than meets the eye.

Four levels of differentiated science content meet students where they are. Teachers receive student performance results instantly and, in turn, can provide instant, personalized feedback to students- keeping them on task, encouraging them, and easily determining areas of improvement.

Elevate: As states nationwide continue to adopt the next generation of science standards testing, you'll need a rigorous, data-driven instructional solution that moves students to higher levels of cognition and science literacy.

eScience3000 is ready to meet the needs of every district with daily job-embedded supports for teachers, including lesson guides, curriculum planners, and graphic organizers. We make it easy for teachers to apply rigor in every science lesson and monitor student progress in real time. It all adds up to a dynamic learning environment designed to get students ready for college and the workforce.

Contact an Achieve3000 representative today at 888-968-6822 to schedule a free demonstration of this remarkable Science curriculum in action. Fill out our request form above and receive a free lab coat!


Literacy: The Key to Success in Science
Literacy: The Key to Success in Science

Discover innovative approaches to make science instruction accessible to all.

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