As the leader in differentiated instruction, Achieve3000 believes in the proven power of differentiated online instruction to improve students’ reading and writing, and prepare them for college and career success.

The interface and functionality of Achieve3000’s email system mirrors traditional web-based email programs and gives users the ability to easily and intuitively send attachments, manage folders, create and use email groups, attach files, format messages with different fonts, check spelling, and selectively delete or move single or multiple messages. :

Achieve3000 offers unique benefits over other email providers. The following features are not available in ANY other email service on the market today.

  • Differentiated email training for students – The reality of today’s classrooms is that students are reading at a wide range of reading levels and come to the school system from diverse language and education backgrounds. Achieve3000 makes it possible for most students – regardless of reading ability and language needs – to learn basic email skills. We have a proprietary technology (US Patent Number 8,714,986) that is used to deliver email training materials to each student that are differentiated to each student’s abilities. Every student in the classroom receives lessons on the same topics, including basic email skills such as sending and forwarding emails, attaching files, and creating groups. The email training material is differentiated to each student’s individual reading level and language needs. Initially, the teacher provides an estimate of each student’s reading level. Once this is provided, Achieve3000 uses its proprietary platform to provide every student with a version of the instructional materials that are tailored to his comprehension and reading level. This ensures that every child can access and benefit from the email service.

The lessons are comprised of an article (which instructs students on email skills), an Activity (where the student is tested on the skills in a multiple choice format) and a Thought Question (where the student is tested on the skills in an essay format). This version of the lesson is written for a sixth grader, reading on sixth grade level.

Achieve3000 Email Benefits


Here is the same article, written for a student at a third grade level. Notice the shorter sentences and simplified vocabulary to cater to the learning needs of a student who is reading at a lower reading level.


Here is the same article, provided in Spanish for students who are not fluent in English.

Achieve3000 Email Services


Here is a sample of an activity, a multiple choice quiz to assess students’ retention of the email training.


  • Audio support for students who need it – For students with language or processing delays, or for students whose reading skills are not advanced enough to read the email training materials, Achieve3000 provides an audio tool. This tool allows students to hear the email training materials read aloud to them so they can learn basic email skills in spite of their learning delays. Note that this tool is licensed for a third party vendor at a current annual cost of $104,000.

For students who need the support, an audio toolbar is available. Students can click the buttons to hear the entire passage or lesson read aloud to them. They can also hear individual words read aloud. 

  • A customized interface, catered to students’ age and interest levels – The design of the instructional material is geared to students’ grade level. For younger students, the materials are provided in a larger font, with graphics to support the content and engage the student.

This screen shows a third grade sample lesson. Notice that it includes a visual, to provide a more engaging interface and more explicit instructions for younger students.


Providing differentiated email content requires a team of content development and programming experts. The following staff members are employed by Achieve3000 for developing and maintaining the differentiated training materials and the platform that is used to deliver them.

  1. English editor. This staff member is experienced in writing instructional materials for children.
  2. Spanish editor. This staff member is experienced in translating instructional materials into Spanish, for children. Achieve3000 does not use machine-translation as they result in poor quality content.
  3. Assessment specialist. This staff member is experienced in developing assessments for children. They are responsible for the quizzes students take to assess their comprehension of the training materials.
  4. Web developer. This staff member is experienced in PHP programming, and is responsible for maintaining the platform that facilitates ongoing delivery of differentiated content.
  5. Quality assurance specialist. This staff member tests the content delivery platform to ensure that it functions on a wide range of operating systems and browsers.
  • Integration with Achieve3000’s reading programs  In isolation, email is just a tool that many teachers do not put to use in their classrooms. But when integrated with instructional programs such as Achieve3000, the email tool is more likely to be incorporated into the classroom. While Achieve3000’s reading content is not eligible for eRate funding, this integration ensures that the email tool is used and applied on a daily basis. There is a cost to Achieve3000 for developing and maintaining this integration.  
  • Usage – Both the differentiated training materials and the integration with Achieve3000’s reading program ensure increased usage of the tool both during the school day and on weekends and after hours. In fact, Achieve3000 sees remarkably high usage stats, with averages of 75% of students logging in after school hours.