Fluency Rates Increase Tremendously With KidBiz3000

I am a devoted user of KidBiz3000®! My 4th-grade scores in literacy went from 80% exceeds in reading to 99% with the implementation of KidBiz3000 in addition to my reading program.

       I am a dedicated advocate of KidBiz3000®. I initially started using KidBiz3000 with my 4th graders several years ago. I had implemented it as part of our reading program here in Hawaii with my military students. I was teaching the high class for math, and generally my students were above average – but not at the exceeding level in literacy. Our state scores in literacy were about 80% exceeds until I used KidBiz3000. Once I fully implemented the KidBiz3000 nonfiction article reading as part of my literacy program, our state reading literacy scores skyrocketed to 99% exceeds!

     Since then, my fourth-grade regular class began using KidBiz3000 as part of a supplement to the reading program. I continued to see high test scores all around, and students excelling throughout the curriculum, including the ability to problem solve in math. My former student Cristina, who is now in 6th grade, won an award for the most articles read and with high scores. Cristina, her family, the principal, and I were all invited to the Hilton Hawaiian Village brunch as part of the Achieve3000 recognition celebration, and I was able to meet Saki Dodelson, the founder herself.

       After over 10 years of teaching upper grades, I transitioned to 2nd grade this year. I was astonished to see not only the students becoming more literate in 3 months, but the overall understanding and application of their learnings throughout the curriculum. My reading groups were very slow initially, especially my slow group. However, in three months the students were more fluent in their readings, and class work flowed more easily in their learnings. We participated in one of Achieve3000’s contests – my second graders won a gift card from Achieve3000 for completing the most KidBiz3000 articles in the entire school!

       As you can see, my students became more literate and successful in their learnings throughout the curriculum. I can’t imagine not having KidBiz3000.

       This program is well worth the investment in any school, if you want high achievers, high test scores, and literate students.

Story by Sharon Kotoshirodo

Second-grade teacher at Aliamanu Elementary School, Hawaii

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