Enlightened and Encouraged

As I learn to use your programs and tools, I feel as if I’ve stumbled upon a pot of gold!

I am glad to say, my first week of school has been very enlightening and encouraging, thanks to Achieve3000®! As I learn to use your programs and tools, I feel as if I’ve stumbled upon a pot of gold.

I have found so many ways to use the Achieve3000 material to accelerate my students’ learning. My classes are beginning to develop a routine using Achieve3000. I know I have barely scratched the surface in learning how to use all Achieve3000 offers. I am really impressed with the amount of data Achieve3000 tracks. Your program affords me myriad forms of data to use to drive my instruction. I love the way Achieve3000 analyzes the skill levels of my students and provides lessons to address their shortcomings!

Saki, I applaud you again for your ability to create a program that differentiates instruction to the lowest possible level for teachers. I can really see the difference Achieve3000 is making in the education of my students.

Here is a true story. One of my students with a low Lexile® continued to complete Achieve3000 articles at his level, but he received low scores. Additionally, this student was very hesitant in doing any type of work.

Having analyzed his low test scores in Achieve3000, I called him up to my desk, and we walked through an Achieve3000 article together. I had the student read aloud to me. I found he was reading the words without pausing at commas nor stopping at the periods and therefore he never understood what he was reading! After using a retelling strategy, he began to understand the importance of the commas and periods. We then went on to answer the remainder of the questions, determining what the question was asking, and how to respond to various types of questions. After completing that student/teacher conference, the student later came to me and bragged how he just completed three articles receiving 88% in each! I could see the joy on his face! Saki, I could see and feel the pleasure he received from being successful in answering those articles with high scores!

Last week, this student increased his MAP RIT score by 22 points! Believe me, there are other similar stories I can tell. Having the data in Achieve3000 to inform instruction and identify problems is essential in my teaching. Thanks for being a visionary!

Story by Robert R. Lightfoot

Special Education, North Chicago Community High School, Illinois

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