As the leader in differentiated instruction, Achieve3000 believes in the proven power of differentiated online instruction to improve students’ reading and writing, and prepare them for college and career success.

Coach3000 provides differentiated professional development, delivering teachers daily, job-embedded training, coaching, and supports to build skills for effective instruction in reading, writing, and language arts for grades 3-12.

In addition to ELA and writing, Coach3000 also supports science (grades 6-8) and social studies in grades 3-12.

Our model is based upon the five fundamental steps supported by adult learning theory research:

  1. Provide a Rationale
  2. State the Performance Objective
  3. Create Learning Activities
  4. Evaluate Learner Performance
  5. Provide Feedback

The effectiveness of this learning loop for adults rests upon the proximity of each step to the next and intensity of instruction as measured by the number of contacts with the learner.  Instruction is most effective when embedded within the context of the learner’s daily routine, so that reinforcement and understanding are created within the procedures and activities which the instruction intends to modify or augment. 

Coach3000 provides a comprehensive system of professional development, including five effective elements:


Element 1:  Needs Assessment for Placement and Summative Measurement

We first assess the needs of each learner, including students, teachers, and school based leaders. Needs assessment is focused on the learner within the context of the specific school environment.  The focus of assessment is to understand specific learner needs as well as the community and context within which they exist. We assess in real time both the activity of instruction and data-driven decision making, as well as the outcomes of instruction, including student growth as measured by mastery of state standards, growth in Lexile-based reading skill measures, and reading comprehension. We also provide summative assessment of program outcomes at the end of each year.


Element 2:  Alignment of Instruction to Curriculum

Coach3000 provides daily, job-embedded tools which are directly aligned to the program’s small-group, classroom, and one-to-one training and coaching.  Moreover, the tools we provide not only support effective, direct instruction in reading and writing, but automatically collect assessment information measuring both instructional practice and student outcomes.

Using the Achieve3000 classroom software KidBiz3000® (grades 2 to 5) , TeenBiz3000® (grades 6 to 8) and Empower3000® (grades 9 to 12) teachers and curriculum teams can choose from thousands of new and archived assignments that combine reading, writing, new vocabulary, and critical thinking. Aligned to state and core curriculum standards, the assignments may be chosen based upon content areas covered, standards included and assessed, or by subject matter.  Once prepared, units are automatically delivered by the Achieve3000 software to teachers, parents, leaders, and students on the prescribed day throughout the year.

Teachers receive:

  • A Classroom subscription to the daily content which supports the Coach3000 approach, including daily lesson plans, cross-curriculum guides, rubrics, graphic organizers, and curricula supports
  • A Teacher’s Guide with lessons, activities, and materials to support daily direct instruction using job-embedded coaching and new instructional techniques
  • Full sets of all online materials in Spanish and Haitian Creole for use with ELL students during reading and writing instruction
  • A daily cross-curriculum guide, with specific strategies for instruction and activities, aligned to curriculum goals
  • Additional “Tier 2” vocabulary to support instruction of new vocabulary acquisition
  • High-frequency sight words (from the Dolch word list) emphasized to build automaticity of word  recognition skills
  • Activities to use during instruction for ELL and struggling readers
  • Pre-reading activities to enable teachers to better extend the building of background knowledge
  • Links to additional resources for inclusion within instruction
  • A “Teacher Hotline” for on-demand coaching via phone
  • Parent subscriptions to the Achieve3000 system providing home connections for teachers, an integrated secure E-mail system among teachers, parents and students, and tools for collaboration among teachers, parents and students


Element 3: Small-group Workshops to Build Instructional Skills

Achieve3000 provides small-group professional development workshops for teachers and school based leaders with courses designed to help you launch new instructional practices successfully, accelerate student achievement through effective differentiated instruction in reading and writing, extend classroom success with best practices in literacy, and integrate best practices using the included software, KidBiz3000, TeenBiz3000 and Empower3000 across your curriculum.

We blend onsite and online professional learning options for a customized pathway that is built around your academic goals. 

Coach3000 small-group workshops are held once per quarter with an audience of 15 to 20 teachers per workshop.  The themes, rationale, and performance objectives within each workshop are reiterated daily in the classroom through job-embedded supports.


Element 4: “Focus On” Classroom Modeling using formative data from classrooms

The Coach3000 “Focus On” Classroom Modeling provide daily, job-embedded tools, procedures, and routines to teach, reinforce, and assess teacher performance. “Focus On” begins with the daily assignment in reading and writing that becomes the focus of this segment of the instructional program.  Each classroom is provided with the daily assignment aligned to the district’s curriculum goals (see Element 2).  The teacher is provided with the corresponding Lesson Plan and Curriculum Key, with step-by-step instructions.  All materials are provided online.

Each Lesson Plan focuses on a specific procedure, routine, or strategy which has been shown to effectively accelerate student reading skill growth.  Teachers receive these lesson plans, focusing on the specific research-based strategies, multiple times during the course of each month and each unit.  By repeating the approach to differentiated instruction for specific reading comprehension strategies, the Coach3000 programs builds automaticity and fluency among teachers in their instructional practice.

The lesson plans use the Before, During, and After Reading lesson approach.  The parts of each lesson are Purpose, Clear Explanation, Modeling, and Practice (both guided and independent).  Each daily lesson plan incorporates modeled language and the gradual release of responsibility as part of the scaffolding.  Each is highly structured and focused on producing specific learning outcomes.

As teachers provide instruction to students, access reports, and engage in instructional activities, the online system logs usage and student activity and measures actual student progress towards state standards.  By measuring actual activity and student outcomes, Coach3000 captures real-time formative data indicating classroom strengths and weaknesses.

Through the Coach3000 Pathways Program, the “Focus On” program also provides the district with the opportunity to choose the level of classroom proficiency it desires in each building.


Element 5: “One-on-One” Differentiated Consulting Sessions for Personalized Teacher Enhancement

Coach3000 participating classrooms and teachers generate substantial formative data each day, including student performance metrics and usage information indicating the prevalence of differentiated instruction in the classroom.  As well, we generate additional formative information through each “Focus On” session with Coach3000 trainers and consultants.

Our One-on-One consulting sessions are personalized for each teacher and leader, depending upon the specific data from their classroom or building and our ongoing needs assessment. During One-on-One sessions, possible activities include reviewing the teacher’s actual classroom data, the authentic performance portfolios of the students in the classroom, going through specific lessons plans and modeling, discussing challenging students or scenarios, and modeling  instructional activities.  The results of the sessions are specific action plans that can be implemented and measured.

Coach3000 One-on-One sessions for teachers in the Advanced and Certification Proficiency pathways may also include modeling coaching with other teachers, reviewing data from the school building, or planning training and coaching for peers.  With these teachers and leaders, we review data from a cohort of classrooms assigned to them, under their care, in order to identify needs and evaluate next steps and best practices to coach and teach. We model the coaching, instructional practices, and development of action plans for them both in their own individual classrooms and with those teachers they are learning to coach and mentor.

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