Bart-Colerain Elementary believes - and achieves National Blue Ribbon status

Bart-Colerain believes in the potential of every student.

Bart-Colerain achieves Lexile® gains that exceeded expectations by nearly 250%.


The administrators at Bart-Colerain Elementary, a school in the Solanco School District in rural Lancaster County, believes in its students so much that they set out to achieve 100% proficiency in reading for their 5th graders, despite a state-wide reading proficiency average of 54%.

Bart-Colerain's administration fully understood that the most effective way to meet its ambitious goal was to implement a technology-based, literary-focused curriculum. After conducting extensive research to find the best solution available, the school easily chose Achieve3000®'s KidBiz3000®. Administrators were especially impressed with Achieve3000's:

  • Informational text base — One teaching veteran at the school said the daily non-fiction reading content provided an excellent way to fill current event gaps in the students' learning — all while supporting the school's literacy goals
  • Ability to deliver truly differentiated instruction — All students in a class read about the same current news events, but the passage and follow-up activities were adjusted for individual learning profiles
  • LevelSetand reporting tools — The proven LevelSet Lexile assessment tool and formative assessment data provided school officials with regular, systematic updates through powerful real-time reports, helping guide teachers as they worked to elevate students to higher levels of proficiency

KidBiz® launched in Bart-Colerain's 5th grade classrooms with plenty of enthusiasm from teachers and a strong commitment from the Title I administrator and from the principal — who also was the Director of Elementary Education for the entire Solanco District.

The school developed its own implementation strategy in conjunction with Achieve3000. In addition to receiving training from Achieve3000, teachers created their own contests and rewards system for students. Throughout the first pilot year, teachers ensured students used KidBiz in a minimum of two 45-minute sessions weekly.

Administrators were pleased with the speed of student advancement and actively encouraged additional teacher training. As teachers became increasingly proficient using KidBiz, they asked Achieve3000 to help them take it to a higher level and integrate the solution into the broader curriculum. Achieve3000 then created an advanced training program specifically for Bart-Colerain, so teachers could create content assignments based on science and social studies standards.


When looking at summative assessment scores changes from one year to the next, students impressively exceeded expected Lexile gains by 249%, nearly tripling expected results.

In comparing summative assessment scores, students demonstrated
a mean gain of 230.6 Lexile points. On average, students' reading levels
advanced from 5.1 to 7.1. Expected gains were 66; students exceeded this
expectation by 164.6 points.

*This data does not include scores which indicate a possible invalid


Students also demonstrated an average gain of 13.6 points on Pennsylvania's Academic Standards for language arts based on multiple-choice formative assessment results — and achieved an average gain of 12.6 points on the critical thinking components of Pennsylvania's Academic Standards.

Because of the exceptional results in the pilot classes at Bart-Colerain, the KidBiz solution was extended to all 5th grade classes throughout the district. Both teachers and students remain excited about the solution as they continue to progress from 94% reading proficiency to the school's goal of a perfect 100%.

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