Maple Elementary School believes - and achieves tripled Lexile® gains

Maple Elementary believes each and every student can realize his or her full potential.

Maple Elementary achieves the highest language arts gains in the county.


Maple Elementary School, a year-round school in the diverse Fontana Unified School District in Southern California, was categorized as a Program Improvement (PI) school when it failed to meet its No Child Left Behind language arts proficiency adequate yearly progress (AYP) goal of 24.4%.

The school needed a way to quickly improve students' vocabulary and reading comprehension. At the same time, it sought an innovative solution to provide challenging work for Gifted and Talented Education (GATE) program students and other High Proficiency students who had achieved advanced scores on the California State Test.


Maple school officials truly believed in their students' abilities to progress and achieve their full potential, so they turned to Achieve3000® and its KidBiz3000® solution. Maple's administrative and teaching staff was especially impressed by how KidBiz® would provide:

  • Engaging, differentiated content — Students would be provided current nonfiction reading assignments matched to their abilities
  • Real-time reports — Easy-to-use online reports that monitor Lexile gains and usage are available 24/7
  • Automatic customization — Differentiated articles and assignments to reach each student at his or her own Lexile level would be automatically delivered so teachers would not have to spend valuable time each day setting up a myriad of classwork

The school enthusiastically implemented KidBiz for its English language learners (ELL), GATE participants and High Proficiency students in the 4th and 5th grades, as well as for some 3rd graders. Achieve3000 provided initial training in the school and followed with additional Web-based training. Implementation managers provided more advanced training on site.

Maple's GATE and High Proficiency students used KidBiz in two weekly half-hour sessions, while ELL students used KidBiz for four one-hour sessions each week. ELL students completed a minimum of three activities weekly and used the fourth session for any unfinished assignments.


Maple Elementary School's results with Achieve3000 were nothing short of astounding. Not only did Maple quickly met NCLB requirements and exit PI status, in one short year its students showed the highest language arts gains in the county. In fact, 36.4% of the students achieved the language arts proficiency AYP goal with a mean gain of 212.3 Lexile points — a feat that was more than triple the expected results.

In 2006-2007, after implementing KidBiz, 36.4% passed. Maple
elementary's increase in 2007 was the highest in the county. Maple
Elementary's Academic Performance Index and Adequate Yearly
numbers, schoolwide and for their ELL population, rose
dramatically as

The teacher who oversaw the implementation of KidBiz at Maple, was excited to report major improvements in the students' skills, especially in their vocabulary usage, writing and comprehension. Importantly, Maple students so thoroughly enjoyed their KidBiz sessions that 66% of them used it on their own time away from school.

Students demonstrated a mean gain of 212.3 Lexile points. On
average, students' reading levels advanced from 2.2 to 4.1.
Expected gains were 70.2; students exceeded this expectation
by 142.1 points.

*This data does not include scores which indicate a possible
invalid administration

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