Dr. William Henderson Inclusion School believes - and achieves astounding Lexile® gains

Henderson believes every student can read and write above level.

Henderson achieves nearly triple the average expected Lexile gains.


The Dr. William Henderson Inclusion School in Boston, a Title 1 school with grades K-5, brings together students who are ethnically and linguistically diverse. Approximately half of students qualify for free or reduced lunches, while one-third live with wide-ranging disabilities, including autism, sensory or physical impairments, and intellectual disabilities.

In a school where every classroom is comprised of students performing above, at and well below grade level, teachers faced significant complexities in providing learning opportunities that would reach and challenge all students. Teachers also knew from Massachusetts Comprehensive Assessment (MCAS) results that the greatest need for growth was in reading — specifically, responding to informational text and using higher-order thinking skills for comprehension.


Parents and teachers of The Henderson School Site Council believe there is no such thing as underachieving students, so they enthusiastically turned to Achieve3000®'s KidBiz3000®. They knew it would be an ideal solution to meet the needs of its diverse school population because of its:

  • Rigorous, differentiated reading program that shares common themes — Students learn about the same topics, work on similar questions and use many of the same pictures and graphics — but at levels appropriate to their individual skills
  • Simplified teacher preparation — Engaging instructional content is delivered already customized for each student's individual needs, so teachers don't have to spend precious time hunting down materials for themes and topics. Achieve3000 helps them focus more time on helping students achieve their potential
  • Easy-to-use, Web-based solution — Students could work independently, in small classroom groups, at home or in after-school programs — and teachers and administrators could easily and quickly access real-time reports any time they wanted to check student performance and progress, student use, and much more

During the first year of the implementation, an Achieve3000 representative conducted professional development sessions for teachers and showed how they could use student performance data to target instruction of specific skills for individual students. Teachers also shared their personal experiences with one another during common planning sessions.

KidBiz3000 really took off the following school year, with more than 120 students using the solution. Many teachers made use of the workshop model for teaching reading. A typical lesson began with whole-class instruction, then students worked independently in small groups or in guided-reading groups with a teacher. Utilizing five or six computers in the classroom, students rotated through the KidBiz® center several times per week.


The incredible achievements made by students at all grade levels exceeded all expectations. MCAS scores of children performing below grade level were elevated after use of the program, and ELA scores were at the top of the district. Most impressive of all, on average, students gained a tremendous 125 Lexile points over the course of the implementation — nearly triple the average expected Lexile gains.

In 2010-2011, students using KidBiz and have completed 40 or
more multiple-choice reading activities, gained an average of 143
Lexile points, more than triple average expected gains.


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