Preparing All Learners for California Success

    Achieve3000’s research-based, research-proven solutions help all learners master the essential literacy skills they need to meet the rigors of Common Core standards and succeed on the SBAC assessments.


    Success in School – and Beyond

    Ensuring all students graduate ready for college and career is more important than ever – and more challenging than ever, as they are now expected to read at a level previously expected of students to two or three grade levels above. Achieve3000’s differentiated instruction helps bridge the gap between where students are and where they need to be by reaching all learners one-on-one, at their individual reading levels, to accelerate their literacy gains. Plus, with a custom, Common Core-aligned curriculum and engaging, nonfiction texts differentiated at 12 levels in English and 7 in Spanish, Achieve3000 ensures all California students – including English language learners, native Spanish speakers, emergent readers, and Response to Intervention students – can develop the knowledge and skills needed for success on today’s SBAC assessments and in tomorrow’s competitive colleges and careers.

    In a recent study, students who used Achieve3000 solutions as little as twice a week nearly doubled their expected reading gains in a single school year. Download the California Lexile Study today to see how effective differentiated instruction accelerated learning for students of all ages and abilities.

    Download the California Results

    Discover how California students nearly doubled their reading growth.

    Literacy & Language Growth for All ELs

    English learners face a double challenge: they need to develop proficiency in English while also learning core academic content in English. With Achieve3000, students are always moving towards greater levels of English proficiency: as students work on lessons, the adaptive content system constantly monitors their performance and, when it detects that a learner is ready for greater text complexity, automatically adjusts the reading level. In addition, because Achieve3000 combines deeply differentiated instruction with powerful linguistic scaffolds, it ensures all English learners – from beginner to advanced – are able to access grade-appropriate, Common Core-aligned materials in science, social studies, and other content areas. For targeted English learner programs, Achieve3000 offers specialized solutions that integrate phonics and fluency practice for even greater language growth.

    Targeted & Intensive RtI Instruction

    For students who need additional supports and services, Achieve3000 offers a complete program with targeted and intensive instruction for Response to Intervention, special education, and struggling students. It begins with LevelSet™, the world’s only universal screener for comprehension of nonfiction text, which identifies at-risk students in as little as 15 minutes. Then a suite of classroom-tested scaffolds for students and supports for teachers, combined with Achieve3000’s patented methodology and world-class technology, ensures all learners have equitable access to essential grade-level, Common Core-aligned instruction. At the same time, Achieve3000’s system is gathering performance data, which teachers can use to monitor student progress on the Common Core standards and identify skill deficits for more targeted small-group instruction. That data also fuels powerful forecasting reports, allowing teachers to ensure their students are building the college and career readiness skills needed for SBAC success.

    Mastering the Foundations of Early Literacy

    The path to college and career literacy begins with Smarty Ants® (grades PreK to 1), Achieve3000’s effective, research-driven solution that differentiates instruction in foundational reading skills and accelerates student achievement – all in an engaging, interactive, online learning environment. This comprehensive reading program helps students at all ability levels develop essential early literacy skills like phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension by tailoring instruction according to their individual skill level, learning temperament, and learning pace. While the adaptive content system keeps learners in the zone of proximal development, children are empowered to choose the activities that best match their interests, from sports to game shows. For educators, a detailed and complete data dashboard ensures they can track student progress at every step and keep all learners on the path to mastery of early literacy skills.

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    About Achieve3000

    Achieve3000® is the leader in online differentiated literacy instruction, serving over two million students worldwide. Based on decades of scientific research, Achieve3000’s cloud-based solutions for grades PreK-12 reach students at their individual reading levels to deliver significant learning gains – often double to triple the expected gains in a single school year.

    From English language learner to Response to Intervention programs, and from foundational literacy to workforce readiness and higher education, Achieve3000’s solutions – Smarty Ants® (for grades PreK-2), KidBiz3000® (for grades 2-5), TeenBiz3000® (for grades 6-8), Empower3000™ (for grades 9-12), Spark3000® (for adult learners), and eScience3000® (for grades 6-8) – accelerate reading growth and empower students to succeed across the entire curriculum, including science and social studies. Plus, with comprehensive Spanish language support and robust scaffolding for struggling readers, Achieve3000’s Califonia Edition helps students of every age and ability meet the Common Core standards and prepare for the SBAC assessments.

    Learn more about how Achieve3000 can get your students on track for college and career success by visiting

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