For 2017-2018, Achieve3000’s exclusive Career Center is more impactful than ever with a brand-new College and Career Readiness Module that excites and engages students as they explore new career fields, investigate jobs in their area and prepare for success in the workplace.

    • This new module includes:

      • New career videos provide an insider’s view into a variety of fields to help students explore different jobs and set career goals (coming in 2018)
      • Search for careers by region – provided by Burning Glass – shows students where today’s opportunities are and what it takes to land their dream jobs (coming in 2018)
      • Workforce readiness videos give valuable advice for securing and excelling at any job, with topics such as networking and teamwork
      • Additional choices in the Career Center motivate students to explore exciting new jobs and set goals as they increase their reading levels


    We love creating content and features that you love to use! When over 100,000 students and teachers joined the 2017 Achieve3000 Student Interest Survey and told us what excites them, we listened. In 2017-2018, engage every student in literacy success and increase their time on task with new content, new features and a new look inspired by your feedback!


    We know what today’s high school students want and we’re delivering it! Thanks to the more than 14,000 high school students and teachers who responded to our 2017 Achieve3000 Student Interest Survey, we’ve developed trend-worthy new content and features exclusively to engage  your high schoolers.


    Engage your English Language Learners, Intervention and Special Education students in accelerated learning with powerful new scaffolds and supports for Boost, Access, Español and Achieve Intensive that will further differentiate instruction, help close the skill gap and boost college and career readiness in 2017-2018.

      • Writing Frames help kick-start the writing process for your struggling readers and encourage evidence-based writing
      • Speech-to-Text (STT) builds your students’ speaking and listening skills, plus helps struggling readers to get their thoughts in writing
      • Direct Instruction Videos make it easy for teachers to introduce or reinforce important concepts – available right at point of use! (coming in 2018)
      • Visual Vocabulary provides your students with a powerful new way to learn and remember key academic vocabulary (coming in 2018)
      • Screen Masking helps struggling readers focus on specific sections of text and allows teachers to draw attention to selected passages (coming in 2018)


    We know student success is only possible thanks to dedicated teachers, which is why we invest in making the Teacher’s Edition more powerful every year! This year we launched the brand-new Teacher’s Edition homepage, and we’re adding fantastic new features to further engage teachers, streamline administrative tasks and maximize instructional time in 2017-2018.


    With more than 30 real-time reports, Achieve3000 makes it easy to monitor students’ strengths and weaknesses, inform instruction and maximize the impact of your implementation – and we’ve added two more reports to put even more actionable data at your fingertips.

      • Pinpoint Skill Gaps with a detailed report showing how students are performing on 14 essential reading comprehension and vocabulary skills. Available now for Achieve3000’s Boost, Access, Español and Achieve Intensive solutions!
      • Forecast SBAC Performance right from the start of the school year with our new proprietary forecasting tool. Learn More!


    Achieve3000 has already partnered with leading educational organizations like MetaMetrics®, NWEA™, Clever, Education Elements and the Center for College & Career Readiness to help you take learning to the next level. Now we’re excited to announce our newest partnership with Renaissance Learning to seamlessly integrate data from the Star 360® assessment to inform and adjust instruction for students in your Achieve3000 solutions.

    • An Achieve3000 and Star 360 beta integration will be available for select districts starting in 2017!


    Foundational literacy is the critical first step on the road to college and career readiness – and Achieve3000 is ensuring every learner can build the strong foundational reading skills they need for success in school and beyond! For 2017-2018 and 2018-2019, we’re expanding and enhancing foundational literacy to engage more grades, more languages and more learners.

    Free Summer Access

    Keep the learning gains going strong all summer long with FREE student access during your summer break! As a thank you for being our valued partner, Achieve3000 is offering this amazing benefit to returning customers who renew their Achieve3000 subscription by May 15, 2017. Exclusively for students, kids will be able to read articles and complete lessons at home or on the go! (For a proven summer school solution that includes teacher and administrator access, check out our brand-new Achieve Intensive for Summer.)

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