Achieve3000 continues to invest in your success with exciting new updates! From targeted new solutions for English learner, intervention and foundational literacy programs to robust reporting and data tools for educators, Achieve3000 is committed to finding innovative new ways to help every educator extend their reach – and empower every student to reach their dreams.

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    Achieve3000: Dedicated to Your Success

    At Achieve3000, we believe that improving literacy for all learners is the key to unlocking college and career success. For 2016, we help all educators reach their goals – and prepare all students for success in school and beyond – with the only differentiated literacy solutions that provide:

    • More ways to differentiate instruction, all customized for your state’s grade-level standards and high-stakes assessment
    • More ways to empower blended learning, including anytime, anywhere, any-device access
    • More ways to monitor progress and forecast success with embedded and ongoing assessments
    • More ways to support and accelerate every student with an all-new Teacher's Edition
    • More ways to demonstrate and report impact through independent research and a powerful data dashboard

    For the 2016-2017 school year, we’re bringing you even more resources to support your success!

    More Ways to Differentiate Instruction: Customized for Your State Standards and High-Stakes State Assessments

    Get even more learners on the path to college and career success with Achieve3000’s newest solutions – customized just for your state!

    • Smarty Ants® for Foundational Literacy in Grades PreK-2
    • Pro for English Language Arts, Science and Social Studies in Grades 2-12
    • Boost for Tier 2 and 3 Response to Intervention and Special Education in Grades 2-12
    • Access for all levels of English Language Learner in Grades 2-12
    • Español for Spanish Immersion, Bilingual, and Dual Language Models in Grades 2-12
    • eScience3000® for Next Generation Science in Grades 6-8
    • AchieveSummer for Summer School Programs in Grades 2-12

    Ensure all learners receive targeted, grade-level practice for success on today’s state tests:

    • Brand-new ELA Test Challenge courses with fully integrated technology-enhanced items
    • Includes drag-and-drop sequencing, click-to-highlight evidence tasks, multi-part items, and multi-select multiple-choice questions
    • High-stakes assessment practice, including technology-enhanced items, accessible 24/7 via mobile apps
    • Build strength and stamina through close reading for the new rigor of high-stakes tests
    • Targeted grade-level practice with two types of informational text in every lesson for success on today’s state tests

    Plus, Achieve3000’s new course alignments enable differentiated instruction tailored to YOUR grade-level basal textbook program. Maximize comprehension, vocabulary and other key reading skills with Achieve3000 lessons paired your textbook’s readings.

    More Ways to Empower Blended Learning

    Achieve3000 is the leading online literacy solution in blended learning programs today.* New tools that maximize flexibility in and out of the classroom include:

    • Simple Rigor® for Blended Learning: Achieve3000’s instructional framework supports students’ independent practice in combination with teacher-directed instruction
    • Anytime, anywhere access on any device – online or offline: flexible content adapts to various instructional models and supports at-home use for flipped classrooms
    • Blended Professional Learning Services: increase the rigor and extend the impact of your implementation
    • Improved data integration, including Clever, for faster and simpler information management:
      • Flexible rostering options (one-time uploads, automated imports, and nightly updates)
      • Direct SIS integration, so you can share all your data from one place
      • Single Sign-On (SSO) – focus on teaching, not on logging in

    *Source: Michael B. Horn and Heather Staker, Blended: Using Disruptive Innovation to Improve Schools (San Francisco, CA: Josey-Bass, 2014), 210.

    More Ways to Embed Assessment and Forecast Success

    All solutions by Achieve3000 embed assessments to forecast success for administrators, monitor progress for teachers and adapt content for students. Measuring success and prescribing appropriate solutions has never been easier with our new tools:

    College and Career Readiness Forecast Report:

    • Starts with the first Lexile measurement and continues through ongoing auto-adjustment of Lexile scores
    • An accurate forecast of the trajectory of individual student growth leading up to high-stakes assessments
    • Also measures end-of-year student growth and learning objectives.

    LevelSet™ in English and Spanish:

    • The only universal screener for the comprehension of nonfiction text in both English and Spanish
    • Ideal for use as a measure of reading comprehension of informational text district-wide, or as a placement tool for tiered instruction in Response to Intervention models

    Coming in 2017 – Achieve3000’s LevelSet Writing Assessment:

    • Brand-new for the 2017-2018 school year
    • An innovative new online writing assessment will feature immediate, automatic scoring
    • Measures student writing on the same Lexile scale as reading ability

    More Ways to Support Students with an All-New Teacher’s Edition

    For the new school year, Achieve3000 is proud to introduce an all-new Teacher’s Edition homepage with improved workflow, easier navigation, enhanced grading options and improved assessment tools. Minimize administrative tasks to maximize teacher success!



    More Ways to Demonstrate and Report Impact

    Achieve3000 is proven to accelerate student success, with two to three times the expected gains – guaranteed! A gold-standard, independent, third-party research study confirmed that the learning gains of students who used Achieve3000 were statistically significant and substantively important for all areas assessed: the GMRT-4 Vocabulary, Reading Comprehension, and Total Reading tests, as well as the LevelSet Lexile reading assessment. Achieve3000’s new tools to demonstrate the impact of your implementation include:

    All-New Leadership Edition Dashboard:

    • More data disaggregation options for busy education executives and their staff
    • Greater drill-down abilities for student data
    • Enhanced filtering (by program, student user type or reporting group)
    • Expand date range settings

    AchieveSummer program:

    • Six-week summer curriculum with a wide range of thematic, grade-appropriate content
    • In just five weeks, one study showed learners’ gains were the equivalent of:
      • one-third of a school year for 3rd graders 
      • two-thirds of a school year for 6th and 8th graders

    Learn More

    Learn more about how Achieve3000’s solutions fit into your 2016-2017 school year plan:

    About Achieve3000

    Achieve3000® is the leader in online differentiated literacy instruction, serving over two million students worldwide. Based on decades of scientific research, Achieve3000’s cloud-based solutions for grades PreK-12 reach students at their individual reading levels to deliver significant learning gains – often double to triple the expected gains in a single school year.

    From English language learner to Response to Intervention programs, and from foundational literacy to workforce readiness and higher education, Achieve3000’s solutions – Smarty Ants® (for grades PreK-2), KidBiz3000® (for grades 2-5), TeenBiz3000® (for grades 6-8), Empower3000® (for grades 9-12), Spark3000® (for adult learners), and eScience3000® (for grades 6-8) – accelerate reading growth and empower students to succeed across the entire curriculum, including science and social studies. Plus, with comprehensive Spanish-language support and robust scaffolding for struggling readers, Achieve3000’s state-specific solutions help students of every age and ability meet their state’s grade-level standards and prepare for today’s high-stakes state assessments.

    Learn more about how Achieve3000 can get your students on track for college and career success by visiting

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